Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The End

This week is something special to me.  Not only is school coming to an end, but so is my internship.  During these fifteen weeks I have learned to collect information, to blog, and to create a webpage all while writing a research paper.  My knowledge has grown in a variety of ways and I have learned so many things that I did not think would interest me in the past.  This week I turned in my research paper and created a web page for the Medieval Studies Center website.  I have never created a web page, but I thought it was fun and pleasurable experience.  Hopefully it will make my resume look better.  During this time I would like to thank Dr. Gross-Diaz and Dr. Roberts for all their help and for giving me this wonderful opportunity that has benefited my knowledge and skills.  I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blogs and has a good finals week.  Good luck to all and I hope everyone enjoys summer!!!

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